Star Wars : The Drinker Fixes… Luke Skywalker

The Drinker Fixes… Luke Skywalker

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It is a little better but I can still nitpick. Making Luke attack Rey when they first meet wouldn't give the viewer any real tension because everyone would know Luke isn't really going to harm her. He would have known she wasn't threatening when she handed him the lightsaber anyway. The part about Rey using the Sith like force powers after she gets mad at Luke wouldn't make sense because they only gave her Sith powers out of thin air for the next movie.

The Snoke part would have improved on what we saw in the movie. It would give him much more depth and involvement in driving the narrative. He didn't have much role as is, other than to die nearly the first time he appeared onscreen.

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I think he needs to tweak the rules he set with his Fat Thor take as Luke was very hard done by in The Last Jedi.

Thor got some redemption in his story as it was presented in cinemas, Luke isn't as lucky and so there needs to be some tapping of the edges to bring him more towards a well written and relatable character (Like he was in 1977).

LOL. 🤡🌎