The Lord Of The Rings : Is the ultimate collector's edition truly worth it?

Is the ultimate collector's edition truly worth it?

There is no denying that the leather-style book casings, the shelf, the book of artwork and etc that all comes with it is GORGEOUS and would look absolutely amazing on a shelf for the rest of time, regardless of the discs included it would be a one-of-a-kind shelf item to be forever cherished by any hardcore fan.

But when it comes to the discs, I already have all of the discs in this set, every single one of them. PLUS I also have the theatrical versions of the films on Blu Ray, which are NOT in this set. So it is hard to justify $500 for JUST the amazing packaging when we aren't getting anything 'new' in terms of content.

If I had never owned any edition of these films before, it would hands down be the time and the place to finally buy them all, but I'm basing buying the 'shell' for discs I already own. That is a harder sell.

Plus, I get the feeling that 4K Blu Ray releases WITH all kinds of brand new content and material will be out within the next year or two. I can always pull the Blu Rays of the films from this set and drop in the 4K discs, which is no biggy. I just don't know if this amazing packaging is worth it when all of the content is existent already in my collection and there will likely be at least one more major edition of these films on a superior format.

Any advice, tips, justifications? I'm a little on the fence.