Star Trek: Picard : Will and Troi

Will and Troi

Good to see them again but poor Hugh I hope Legolas' fate is less final.

All in all a good episode. I'm not loving St. Agnes storyline but at least she put herself in a coma, hopefully she's going to stay there for a while.

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Too bad she was caught" said Lara "fury" Croft

Re: Will and Troi

Nobody really dies in science fiction Dazed and so maybe Hugh is all OK somehow.

I foresee a Brent Spiner comeback as a holodeck Data to announce that he has a new and more human looking body in the near future.

The entire episode was just Riker making a pizza - and one with no meat at that!

Troi would still get it and I doubt that Riker could now.

I liked the jazz in the kitchen though, that was a nice glance at who Will was.

LOL. 🤡🌎