Star Trek: Picard : S01, Ep5: Stardust City Rag (Spoilers!)

S01, Ep5: Stardust City Rag (Spoilers!)

I quite enjoyed it, it's the best of the season so far; stuff happened!

Seeing Icheb and Bruce Maddox again was kinda cool, but why couldn't they get the same actors for them again? Would they have got someone other than Jeri Ryan to play 7 of 9?

Maybe they'll bring Data back but in another actor's body by the end of the season

They could have dropped the whole Raphie subplot as far as I'm concerned, it came out of nowhere and could have been dealt with as effectively with a few throwaway lines or with proper build up in previous episodes.

The party planet that looked like a late 90's website from Geocities was an interesting place for a one-off visit. The heist type scene was lighthearted and quirky but the old man Jean Luc trying to lecture 7 at a critical moment was ill conceived.

Doctor Tilly killing off Maddox but being nervous about using a transporter means she's either an evil genius or her character hasn't been thought out properly (I'm going for the latter, the actress is fine though).

I enjoyed the scene when Picard says goodbye to 7 and the music that played when she transported. Probably the closest to actual Trek we've seen so far.

I still wouldn't recommend Picard to casual fans of Star Trek, because it's no more Trek than the recent sequels to Star Wars are Star Wars but it was the best episode since Enterprise's Terra Prime

Share your thoughts if you've seen it.

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Re: S01, Ep5: Stardust City Rag (Spoilers!)

Well we might get to see again in the future judging from the information in the episode

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Re: S01, Ep5: Stardust City Rag (Spoilers!)

I agree that Agnes killing Bruce was baffling. I thought the video she was watching of him cooking using replicated ingredients was spot on.

I truly hope Seven comes back, those scenes of her "child" having implants removed were hard to watch.

The Rafi storyline is a bit meh, but hopefully the snot nosed son and his Romulan wife will see her proven right.

Shades of Blade Runner in this episode?

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Re: S01, Ep5: Stardust City Rag (Spoilers!)

Definitely shades of Blade Runner here I think but the wrong universe to set it all it.

If anything I'm just going after the glory boys of LOST (Which I didn't watch) because I see the rot set into the wood early on and it has infected everything now

I look forward to a decent story again and can sort of understand why Hitler went the way he did (Joke, but c'mmon - Jews don't notice people making them look terrible across their media*!?!).

I still enjoyed it though, but it was still bad.

I watch 90 Day Fiance ans so what do I know?

*I am Jewish and so fuck off!

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