The Matrix : How do you define your reality?

How do you define your reality?

I've been studying the posting style of filmboards mainstream posters and the two things stood out to me that reminds me of the crucial plot point of THE Matrix series.

The two things I noticed were the way posters define their reality on filmboards. The mainstream posters are emotionally damaged people. This is a place where they live out their innermost desires.

By doing so, I've realised that most people define their reality with happiness, joy, peace and good will toward men. If their reality doesn't fit that picture perfect image, if that facade crumbles, their true nature is exposed. They don't want that. They prefer to live in this happy peaceful alternate universe they've created.

In this manufactured reality of peace and tranquility, meaness is rejected. It is considered trolling. Trolling is considered social suicide and comes with heavy consequences like getting doxxed.

The subculture of filmboards consists of posters who define their reality through pain and suffering. Life isn't real unless you've been through pain and suffering.

The counter-culture consists of people like the admins. They are essentially the gods of your filmboards artificial reality. They're in touch with reality because they keep their distance from it.

So how do you define your reality?

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I blocked Ryan a couple of hours ago. That's my reality, and it's the only one I need.

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Really? Why what did he do to you?

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He's still going on about the escort bit.
He's a tiresome troll @ this point.

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I haven't defined it. I just live it.

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