Books : The Castle (Kafka)

The Castle (Kafka)

Is this worth buying?

Re: The Castle (Kafka)

Yes. And change your user name to T.

Anybody else here read it?

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Re: The Castle (Kafka)

I read first 10-20 pages of it. I was bored. Kafka is overhyped. Some of his quotes and that famous insect story inflicts depressive post-grave memories of my dear son Moses who is Kafka in another life.

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Yes, it was good. The Trial is still the best. Metamorphosis is also very good.

Kafka was actually a good primer for life in the Trump White House.

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Re: The Castle (Kafka)

Funnily enough, you don't know whether a book is worth buying until you've finished reading it.

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I've only read Metamorphosis. I enjoy it more now than when I first read it. Wouldn't mind checking out more Kafka.