The Mandalorian : Mandalorian Episode 1 reviews

Mandalorian Episode 1 reviews

There’s not a lot to say yet except to report the good news that it is very much in keeping with a Star War — visually intriguing, amusingly adventurous and light on its feet, a space-western comfortable with the tropes of cinema culture and common reference points.

-Hank Stuever, The Washington Post

It’s long on impressive special effects and alien shootouts, and short on a fresh story line beyond the usual unwitting hero with a mysterious family tree and a destiny that involves saving the universe (or part of it). … It’s “Star Wars"/Disney right down to its weird sand creatures and blighted outposts, and a safe-but-entertaining start for the media giant’s exploratory mission into a largely untamed universe.

-Lorraine Ali, Los Angles Times

“The Mandalorian” may evoke different feelings. It’s not sound, it’s predictable. It’s not surprising, it’s calculated. By the end, Episode 1 will feel like nothing more than a cog in the ever-expanding Disney machine — worse yet, you may feel nothing at all.

-Ben Trevers, Indiewire

The clash of tones in this first episode felt cheap in both directions, striving for moral justifications of thrilling amorality. The Mandalorian really is Disney’s Boba Fett, a mercenary safe enough for kids. Read full review

-Darren Franich, Entertainment