Fantasy : How do you feel about decor/t-shirts with fictional villains?

How do you feel about decor/t-shirts with fictional villains?

Take this art for instance.

I appreciate the art here, but I personally wouldn't want to decorate my house with pictures with villains or wear one on a shirt. To me, that's the same as finding likability and compatibility within a villain, if not idolizing or glorifying.

Freddy, Michael, Jason, kill people in graphic ways with no real motive. What redeeming qualities do they have to where they justify a house decoration? It'd be a bit different maybe if the protagonists of the respective movies were in the frame with them, but they're not.

I have plenty of Batman, Avengers, t-shirts and posters, but I'd never wear a Joker t-shirt. Unless maybe, he was with Batman on it, maybe. I like Godfather, but I wouldn't wear a Michael Corleone shirt. To do so surpasses that you like the movie, and that you identify with the character himself.

I know horror has a huge fanbase. So I can't judge if that's someone preference. But if I'm dating someone, and I walk into her house to find she has a picture of Freddy Krueger on her wall above her fireplace, that may strike me as a little odd.

The Michael Myers should is on another level, as it says, "Just do it." Just do what? Kill? Yeah. But they're not all like that.




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