Evil : Vain repetition and David's personal flaw *(spoilers)*

Vain repetition and David's personal flaw *(spoilers)*

"Why don’t you make up your own prayers? Why do you keep repeating that same old crap over and over again? Who’s on first?"

~ Townsend to David Acosta [latter's imagination]

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One poster, from another site , succinctly put vain repetition this way:

"The extreme ritualism (what Jesus referred to as "vain repetition") in both Catholicism and Islam, leads to repression or 'stuffing it.'"


It is my understanding that the repeating of common prayers runs the risk of said prayers to lose meaning and sincerity if there is no heart emphasized behind the spoken words and intrinsically thought.

This aside, such method is conducive for a more instructional learning and memorization, creating technique to facilitate a lesson given to a large audience (like us, the viewers).

For a myriad of reasons, what transpires by the following development is one of ironic interest. Namely, we relate to David's personal struggle of trying to be a "good Christian" man (he is a priest in training).

He physically knocked Townsend down in the court building during events within the premier episode.

Yet, his use of turning prayer into an empty gesture, what should be personal and therefore relatable, rings his motive for doing so hollow.

Repetitive praying is great for memorizing and educating. So long as it is understood that it is not to be treated as a meaningless exercise, it is useful when done privately as a way of strengthening faith and not as some sort of blind rescue clause/get-of-jail/golden ticket idea.


Re: Vain repetition and David's personal flaw *(spoilers)*

All words repeated parrot fashion are meaningless. Anyway, Jesus told people it was better to pray in the privacy of their homes rather than in a public place for the sake of seeming 'good' Intentions people. What are your intentions?

Re: Vain repetition and David's personal flaw *(spoilers)*

Where did you hear or read that from?

Yeah, I think Jesus was totally critical to the idea that you can only pray in a place of worship.

Too many law makers, within leadership, were more concerned with maintaining the status quo and not the plight of the people, open to abuse.

The vulnerable needed hope given back to them by encouraging the use of praying wherever they wished so long as they trusted each other with dignity and respect.

All learning is valuable, including religious education. Forgotten knowledge means lost lessons and future misunderstandings arising due to ignorance mixing with fear, leading to prejudice and suffering.


Re: Vain repetition and David's personal flaw *(spoilers)*

I read it in the Bible! Too much lip service paid to 'beliefs', and not enough heartfelt practice of those beliefs, in my opinion.

Re: Vain repetition and David's personal flaw *(spoilers)*

It's not my intention to ruffle feathers or impress but show how communication can get lost in translation.

There are many versions of the Bible, which means the change in context matters since the delivery is just as important as the message.

Since we're posting on the web, we enjoy a lot of things that most of the world does not have.

It's easy to take the best of qualities for granted when real sacrifices are too scarce to appreciate it.

While many people pray in private, doing their best to have their actions speak louder than their words, not enough of that is happening in the home in the first place necessary to create any sense of community where beliefs can be shared.


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