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Favorite Social Documentaries?

Place De La Republique
Chronicles of a Summer

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Louis Malle has several good ones. I would add Phantom India, God's Country, and Humain, Trop Humain. That last one is about people working in a car factory. I think most of the jobs he shows are probably automated now. A couple that stood out were a woman who bent wires into a specific shape using a mold and another woman who stood by a conveyor belt that moved sheets of metal from one machine to another. All she did was push the piece of metal slightly so it lined up with the other machine. It was like they misaligned the machine and it was cheaper to pay her to push them instead of fixing it properly.

Wire woman:

Nudge woman:

On second viewing she might also be pressing a button to operate the machine.

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I saw God's Country and liked that, as well as ANY cult documentaries (maybe my next thread?).

Malle's documentaries are hard to find online. Are there only 2 of 5 videos on YouTube? I haven't checked any of his documentaries in a while (I search outside of YT, as well)

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All of Humain, Trop Humain is on YouTube. Phantom India is also there. You need to click closed captions for the subtitles.

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I saw "God's Country", I liked it. Unfortunately "Humain, Trop Humain" doesn't have subtitles, and there's only one on YouTube.

I did find one for "Phantom India" (thanks) and here's a link for anyone who wants to see it. Closed Captions are included

Re: Favorite Social Documentaries?

Kurt & Kourtney
Exit through the Gift Shop
Bowling for Columbine