Documentary : Silicone soul

Silicone soul

This is a documentary about the emotional connection between humans and artificial partners-realistic sex dolls. The film also reveals the significance of this relationship to humans. It's not just about love, loneliness, secrets, we don't have a basis for judging how people choose to love.

Real dolls have become part of the city's subculture, and they look so real, although this is not for most people. But this is an interesting thing to explore. Maybe this movie can help others find themselves.

It records the people who live with the real dolls, and in fact it records another direction of the society, let us understand the problems of interpersonal relationships that this society may face.

People who may not know will be biased against this group, but it can be seen that they are not different. They do not regard dolls as living people, do not refuse to communicate with humans, do not close themselves, they just choose different sex doll companions. great thing about human beings is that they know what they want and have the right to choose.