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Jess Philips is a fvcking idiot, I wouldn't even rape her either

"Reclaim the Internet", reclaim from whom?

Did you have it first?

Fvckin' tool that she is.

Goes for a job in public office and dishes it out plenty and then cries like a little girl when any of it is chucked her way.

Cry me a river and then drown in it.

LOL. 🤡🌎

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It's hilarious to me that these fools don't know how real people talk. With all the #metoo frenzy now, you don't hear it so much anymore. But it's common for men to diss a woman by saying they wouldn't even rape her. It doesn't mean they're rapists or condone rape.

Uh, look man. Make tool! Caveman. No fool!
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