Food and Drink : World foods ranked

World foods ranked

Italian ranked the best

Finnish, Peruvian ranked worst

Filipinos like everything

Japanese hate everything

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I guess Japanese is ranked so high because of sushi. Teriyaki was also invented by the Japanese but most fools might not realize that.

With Italian it's a misnomer if they're calling pizza "Italian cuisine".

I don't think it's fair to say Peruvian ranked worst. It's just uncommon. Peruvian food is very good but it's hard to find.

WTF is American cuisine? McDonald's?

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If you stare at the chart long enough, you reach cosmic consciousness.

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Ah, Saudi cuisine! Who can forget the sweet yet savoury taste of delicious Saudi food!

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I’ve had some really delicious Peruvian food and I would place Italian food near the bottom of my list (nothing but carbs and sauce ).

Peruvian food is kind of a mish-mash of many different cultures and I can see how it would be perceived as “inelegant”. Some dishes use smothered French fries and others are stir fry. But the flavors are wonderful.

I also find Japanese food to be overrated.

But then again I’m filipino and I pretty much do like everything lol. Except British and German food.

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Re: World foods ranked

Any that includes seafood is the worst. Seafood is disgusting.