Politics : Our pro-wall conservatives hypocrites?

Our pro-wall conservatives hypocrites?

Whenever an American kills multiple people in a mass shooting, and liberals argue for gun control, conservatives spout gun control won't fix the problem. We need to focus on mental illness. If someone wants to kill someone, they're going to anyway; gun laws won't change that.

But on conservative media with a pro-wall agenda, they'll often air a story entirely made to capitalize on emotion about an illegal immigrant who murdered someone, with its point being if there were a wall, the person wouldn't have gotten over to the states, and committed murder. So in this case, conservatives believe a law or policy will affect one's decision to murder? If they were consistent, they'd say if a person wants to murder, they're going to murder. A wall isn't going to change that.

Also, there's no logical connection to made from building a wall to a murder committed by an illegal immigrant, unless you're making the argument that 1) illegal immigrants are intentionally coming over to murder (which stats don't support) or 2) immigrants i.e. Mexicans have a genetic disposition to murder, which is racist and xenophobic and thus dismissed. Other than that, you can't connect the two. When conservative media airs this emotional drivel, they won't admit to xenophobia, but they fail to realize that's the only connection of relevancy between building a wall and that murder. There's no other logical idea they could be implying.

More, Americans commit murder all the time. When they do, people tend to focus on the murder itself, not the murderer's mode of entry and travel. When Ted Bundy killed and raped women, Americans weren't saying well if they had this section of the highway blocked, Bundy wouldn't have been able to drive over and pick up this victim. Yet when the murderer is an immigrant, Americans somehow want to make the argument about immigration reform.

The argument "If there were a wall, they wouldn't have murdered" fails. The lack of a wall doesn't make someone murder. A wall is incapable of offering therapy. THERE IS NO CONNECTION BETWEEN THE TWO.

Murder can be committed by anyone. When a person murders, their ethnicity, birthplace, and status as a citizen should never be called into question. They have no relevancy to the situation. It's a moot point. The only relevant information here is they are a human being who murdered. That's it. Murder is about the human condition, not infrastructure.

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Most caught serial killers have been European decent white men

It does seem as if ethnicity can be a factor

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^Left wing lunacy

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Doesn't matter. Your argument is a moot point cause there shouldn't be even 1 single illegal living in the United States. Not 1. So comparing them to Americans is asinine.

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Also ironic that their so called 'pro life' stance doesn't include innocent children gunned down in mass shootings. Perhaps the wall should be reinforced with thoughts and prayers since that seems to be their solution for our schools…

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Hispanics from south of the border are on the average far more religious and hardworking than people of any race who grow up in the U.S. I feel safer walking down the street in Tijuana than East L.A.

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