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In remembrance

Bill Haley-55-musician-Rock Around the Clock

Brian Connolly-51-musician-lead singer for The Sweet

David Wayne-81-The Andromeda Strain, M

Gabby Hayes-83-over 193 acting credits

Reg E. Cathey-59-Fantasic Four, The Wire

John Gavin-86-actor/US ambassador-Imitation of Life, Psycho

Craig MacGregor-68- bassist for Foghat

Scot Halpin-54- famous for playing drums for the Who after Keith Moon passed out
He was a fan at the concert and got up on stage and finished the show.
Dream come true.

He that dies pays all debts

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Brian Connolly was so cute

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Bill Haley and his kiss curl! Blackboard Jungle was the movie where Rock around the Clock was heard. The rest is history.