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In remembrance

Richard Hatch-71-Battlestar Galactica

Mickey Jones-76-musician/actor- Kenny Rogers, Bob Dylan, Vacation, Home Improvement

Dale Evans-88-singer/actress

Dave Peverett-56-musician-Foghat

Pat Torpey-64-musician- Mr. Big

Nick Adams-36-No Time for Sergeants, Twilight of Honor, The Rebel

Frank Robinson-83-MLB Hall of Fame

He that dies pays all debts

Re: In remembrance

Re: In remembrance

Frank Robinson will be remembered for being the first black manager in MLB history.
He was also the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his accomplishments and continued efforts in race relations.

Frank Robinson grew up in a time where it wasn't easy being a black person much less an athlete in a sport that was very much against having black players. Jackie Robinson became the face of the black athlete but Frank Robinson, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron and others carried the baton into to the next several decades. He suffered all the segregation and things that went along with it.
He handled it all with class and dignity. These men knew they were being watched and judged and they all swallowed a lot of pride and did what they needed to do.

Re: In remembrance

Mickey Jones had quite a life. He was the drummer for some legends and has 17 gold
records to his credit. He then went on to have an extremely successful acting career.
He's one of those people that everybody has seen but nobody can remember his name.