The Watercooler : In remembrance

In remembrance

Thelma Ritter-66-Pillow Talk, All About Eve

Dean Jagger-87-Bad Day at Black Rock, Twelve O'Clock High

Doug McClure-59-The Virginian, The Land That Time Forgot

Franklin Cover-77-The Jeffersons

Dolores Moran-56-To Have and Have Not

Tim Kelly-35-gutiar player for Slaughter

He that dies pays all debts

Re: In remembrance

Haven't heard of a single one of these people. Weak day.

Re: In remembrance

Let's hope the deaths tomorrow are better

Re: In remembrance

I remember Doug. He was good in that Western. Not much good for anything else.

Re: In remembrance

the last guy looks like Lt dan without the beard

Smells like Ass in here

Re: In remembrance

Three of them I'm familiar with (McClure, Cover and Jagger).

Dolores Moran is pretty. I've probably seen her in something.