Politics : I think being black is the worst thing in the world

I think being black is the worst thing in the world

Yes, I said it and it's not my skin color I'm ashamed of. It's the reputation my people have and perpetuate themselves. Being black is a stigma and our culture is so hung up on ghetto slave mentality that it is spreading to other minorities like the Latinos. I went to see Que Chico, don't ask me why. I suppose I did it because I was desperate to watch something of another culture that I don't get from mainstream movies. Anyway, all the trailers were of Spanish language films. There were no English subtitles, so I can only guess what the characters were saying due to my limited Spanish language comprehension. What I was able to surmise just by their body language and the loud obnoxious laughter from the audience, was that those movies were just ghetto crap I see within the black community only I was watching Latinos behave that way. It seems like those movies were targeted to the black Latinos I see here in NYC. They emulate the black culture. They listen to music that sounds like Spanish hip hop music.

The problem I have with other cultures that emulate black culture is that so much of our culture relies of the slave mentality. We have no individualism. As a whole, we don't respect individualism. Rather we rely on the hive mentality. It gets us nowhere. To be an individual in our community means leadership well who wants to lead a group of ghetto fabulous people who are a joke around the world? Our reputation is so bad that people from other countries come here and disrespect us as well and if they aren't disrespecting us, they treat us like immature adults who don't have a mind of our own. The self-hatred of my people and our complete debauchery is an embarrassment. Education isn't that important unless it involves a skill set of subservience like the health professions. Rarely are we in a position of leadership unless it is for fighting oppression like being an activist. You don't have to be an activist to become a leader or to fight oppression. All you have to do is free your mind. But tell that to them. I can't be bothered. I tried to lead by example, but that goes nowhere especially since our culture is sexist as well. The black man has fought for his survival with the help of strong black women and white sympathetics. But during the black man's journey to independence and respect, he's left his sisters behind. He still objectifies us. He forgets that behind ever strong black man is a strong black woman. Perhaps she's even stronger than he is.

The black man watched his single mother struggle to raise him in an oppressive environment, yet when he becomes a man, he's less likely to marry? Does that make any sense to you? Because it makes little sense to me. You'd think that he would want the best for his children like marry their mother but instead he fathers illegitimate children and makes people like Maury Povich rich because these women are going on to the Maury show trying to get free DNA testing and making a fool out of the rest of our culture.

Yes it is true, statistically 60% of marriages end in divorce, but at least those people TRIED. They may have quit on their marriage, but they tried. Black men don't even try. They quit before starting. SMH

I just want to be away from black people. I'm sick of them.

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Re: I think being black is the worst thing in the world

Shut up Geewizz. You're a catfish. Why did you fake your identity and you're not even black.

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Consciousness doesn't need a color…you possess the power to be whatever you desire.

If you think negatively about yourself and your environment, then you attract that into your life.
If you think positively, you will attract that into your life.

I never catfished anyone and that has nothing to do with the advice given in the vid I posted for you.

The power is yours…it's up to you to decide what you want to use it for.

I'm just trying to help you to see what advantages you have.

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you possess the power to be whatever you desire.

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What you're saying doesn't apply to black people. Black people have their own unique disposition that makes it extremely difficult for someone like me to take your advice. I will be changing my environment by distancing myself from the black community. They're like crabs in a barrel. Either they're pulling you down or trying to piggy back off your success like the homie hookup. I don't do homie hookups. I believe that hard work determines your success and only rappers can get away with being ghetto fabulous and that's only because of they're talent and hard work.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are an intellectual elite black people who didn't hang out with a lot of other black people and they both turned out just fine. I'll do the same.

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Shouldn't you be feeding your 5 kids,from 5 different guys?

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See. That is EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Sterotypes.

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I'd say being a woman in the Middle East is worse, but that's just me.