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Subgods, Supergods, NPGs; Karma of the gods

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subgod = inferior god
supergod = higher level god. A benevolent god that is capable of evolving itself. Has no ego.
NPG = a subgod that follows predictable patterns, has no divine spark, fooled by his ego, thinks he is eternal, his eternity being a loop. Example: YHWH of the jewish race. A malevolent god that is incapable of bettering itself. It is pig headed, pig minded.

Karma of the gods

Gods - be they subgods, ordinary gods or supergods - can have perfect good karma, or they can have very bad karma, mortals cannot deal the punishments gods endure. That is why many gods choose to become mortals instead of suffering the punishment reserved for gods in the hell of the gods.

YHWH subgod, the goblin god of the jews, creator of this material, the demiurge, that god has the worst karma. The punishments prepared for him by the higher powers are unbelievable.

Lesson for the gods: Lesson 1

Lesson 1

If you wish to give, give to everyone.
If you wish to instill fear, instill fear in them when they are content or when they are angry at you.
If you're unjust, you shall be punished by the powers higher than you.
Do not play favorites. Treat everyone equally, every created being that you create.
Let there be no evil. Let there be no death. Instead of death, let there be sleep, . if you wish to end a life, put it to sleep instead of making it suffer terribly pre-oblivion.
That is why YHWH is a malevolent entity. He created death. He created suffering. He created souls with egos attached to them, then made them fight each other, only for his entertainment. His created beings suffer. This is all just a play for him.

Democracy of the gods!

The assassination of Jesus Christ was the result of a conspiracy by many subgod senators led by YHWH. They crucified Christ in the physical world. According to the Second Treatise of the Great Osiris, YHWH (the Creator of the material universe) and his Archons tried to kill Jesus by crucifixion, but only killed their own man (that is the body). While Jesus ascended from his body, YHWH and his followers thought Jesus to be dead.

In Apocalypse of Peter, Peter talks with the savior whom the "priests and people" believed to have killed. Jesus is a supergod of Republicus Deus, having recently been declared supergod perpetuo by the Senate of the Republicus Deus. This declaration made many subgods fear that Jesus wanted to overthrow the Senate in favor of totalitarianism, as well as the fear that Christ's pro plebeian manifesto would endanger them theologically. The conspirators were unable to restore the Republic of gods, and the ramifications of the assassination led to the Liberators' civil war and ultimately to the Principate period of the kingdom of heaven.

For the last 2000 years, YHWH rules the physical world with tyrannical absolution. The time has come for Jesus Christ to come back in this physical realm and restore the democracy of the gods as it is well established in the kingdom of heaven and other worlds that mortals aren't aware of.

School of the gods: University for gods!

Highly evolved gods are to establish a university for the gods where new born gods are to learn polytechnics of the gods!

Hell of the gods

Woe unto thee, yhwh, subgod of a slave race!
You have sinned the mighty sin of the gods!
You created death, you created hell, call thyself merciful?
You are not worthy to rule this world!
Take away his powers. Seize him!
Send him to hell, hell of the gods!
This is the hell of the gods that criminal gods deny!
They'll go circling around it in boiling water heated to the utmost degree!
Will ye not repent?
Go back tither! Live as a mortal, that is your punishment!
Suffer all the sufferings that you caused upon your creation!
Feel their pain, feel their collective deaths.
Die as a new born baby.
See your mother die after getting attached to a mortal woman!
See your kids die in front of you.
and so on…

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Seems legit.

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To add to the nonsense above:

No deaths
No suffering
When your relative dies, you can visit his/her grave, then you can contact his/her spirit if you wish to meet it, or if it wishes to meet you, allow it to contact you.
Provide people evidence that you exist instead of them spending their whole lives being uncertain

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Back to Zoroaster?

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