Politics : is social technology thee cause of suicides from bullying?

is social technology thee cause of suicides from bullying?

bullying was always a part of schools. but only recently have their been in increase in suicides, not to mention depression and psychological problems that stem from bullying. the approach to tackling bullying in schools has changed drastically too. before, boys were taught to fight back and toughen up. now, there are anti-bullying campaigns to address the issue.

people may link this to kids being more sensitive than ever before. that may be true. but it occurred to be that there is also an increase in social technology kids have in schools that people didnt have before.

before, bullying stayed within the school. the most a bully could do was pick on you. when you got home, you were safe.

but now, people can taunt people with their phones. if a student sent nudes to another classmate, students could get a hold of that and share the nudes to all the other students at the school. the victim of bullying walks down the hall and everyone is giving her funny looks because they just received a nude of her. bullies even have the potential to make a bullying remark or pic go viral. back in the day, we didnt worry about nude sending.

bullying now has an impact on one's real life. it doesn't stay within the school. it gets displayed on social media for all to see.
people didn't really think this through. bullying is much different now than it was in the 70s. 80s, and 90s. bullies don't just say they're going to kick your ass anymore. they taunt you through social networking. that could explain why the increased risk of suicides and ailments.