History : A question about war...

A question about war...

How come we have rememberence day and stuff to remember the people who died in WW1 and WW2, but nothing for the wars prior to that?
Not saying we shouldn’t, and I have nothing but respect for everybody in both them wars - but there have been probably hundreds or even thousands of wars over time.
Is it because those are the most recent big ones, and people from that time are still alive?

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Re: A question about war...

It could be that we do not relate to the periods of war before WW1. That war crafted much of the modern world and was fought with "modern" weapons. The first major war to feature aircraft, machine guns, telecommunications. We have decent photographs and video of warfare from then onward, which makes these battles more real in our minds, and easier to recall. The scale of these wars were unlike anything the world had ever seen before, which probably plays the biggest role in our respect for those who fought. There have been smaller wars since that are often overlooked. In America, we even have a nickname for one that self-references that, "The Forgotten War", which was the Korean War. If you don't win the war, maybe people just don't want to remember it.