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NFL Playoff Predictions

Wild Card
(6) Colts over (3)Texans
(4) Ravens over (5) Chargers
(5) Seahawks over (4)Cowboys
(3) Bears over (6) Eagles

(4) Ravens over (2) Patriots
(1) Chiefs over (6) Colts
(2) Rams over (3) Bears
(1) Saints over (5) Seahawks

(4) Ravens over (1) Chiefs
(1) Saints over (2) Rams

Super Bowl
Saints 24
Ravens 20

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Results for week 17

User                       Correct picks

Zark 13/16
-Thirsty- 12/16

Zark wins. I'll be back a little later with the correct playoff picks. You made a couple key errors that will need addressed.

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The Saints and Packers simply died yesterday. Rodgers getting concussed didn’t help.

I’ll say the Ravens/Chargers winner will represent the AFC.

So that may be a critical error if LA Wins.

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The Texans will beat the Colts 34-23.
The Chargers will avenge themselves against the Ravens with a 27-23 win.
The Seahawks will beat the Cowboys 27-13.
The Bears will scorch the Eagles with a 24-10 win.

Divisional round:
The Chargers will beat the Chiefs in a 39-36 shootout win.
The Patriots will slaughter the Texans 45-13.
The Saints will crush the Seahawks 37-17.
The Bears will upset the Rams 22-16.

Championship round:
The Chargers will beat the Patriots 27-14.
The Saints will destroy the Bears 48-19.

The Super Bowl:

The Saints will beat the Chargers 35-27.

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Wild Card:
Colts/Texans - Texans
Chargers/Ravens - Ravens
Seahawks/Cowboys - Cowboys
Eagles/Bears - Bears

Ravens/Patriots - Ravens
Texans/Chiefs - Chiefs
Bears/Rams - Rams
Seahawks/Saints - Saints

Chiefs/Ravens - Chiefs
Rams/Saints - Saints

Super Bowl:
Chiefs/Saints - Saints

I'm the hero filmboards needs, but not the one it deserves.

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Wild Card
(6) Colts (3)Texans
(4) Ravens (5) Chargers
(5) Seahawks (4)Cowboys
(3) Bears (6) Eagles

(4) Chargers (2) Patriots
(1) Chiefs (6) Colts
(2) Rams (3) Bears
(1) Saints (5) Seahawks

(4) Chargers (1) Chiefs
(2) Rams (1) Saints

Super Bowl

Chiefs 33 Rams 27 or 28

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Schrodinger's cat walks into a bar, and doesn't.

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Week one results

User                Record     Bad Picks                  Good Picks

Zark 2/4 Seahawks, Bears Colts, Chargers
Thirsty 1/4 Ravens, Seahawks, Bears Colts
RussellWilson2013 1/4 Texans, Seahawks, Bears Chargers
Rocket-Man 1/4 Texans, Ravens, Bears Cowboys

Zark continues the winning streak. Thirsty and Russell make a respectable showing. Rocket-Man in dead last place. No wonder he left the site.

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Week two results

User                Record     Bad Picks                  Good Picks

Zark 3/4 Chargers Chiefs, Rams, Saints
Thirsty 3/4 Ravens Chiefs, Rams, Saints
Rocket-Man 3/4 Texans, Ravens, Bears Chiefs, Rams, Saints
RussellWilson2013 2/4 Chargers, Bears Patriots, Saints

3 ties at the top this past weekend, one at the bottom. This week, the best Thirsty and Russell can hope for is 1/2, each picking a team to win that has since been eliminated. It will likely come down to Rocket and Zark. Zark likes those odds.

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Week 3 results

User                Record     Bad Picks                  Good Picks

Zark 1/2 Chiefs Rams
Thirsty 0/2 Ravens, Saints none
Rocket-Man 0/2 Chiefs, Saints none
RussellWilson2013 0/2 Chargers, Saints none

Final tally

User                 Record    

Zark 6/11
Thirsty 4/11
Rocket-Man 4/11
RussellWilson2013 3/11

Final result: No one picked either the Rams or the Patriots to win the Super Bowl, thus everyone loses.

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Not me – I didn't care about any of it.