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Re: Any of you guys do 4k/UHD?

The difference isn't clear enough too make me want to spend the money on a new TV when I'm still loving the one I have.

I am a dick. I've always been a dick.

Re: Any of you guys do 4k/UHD?

There still don't seem to be that many movies in 4k.
It has been possible to convert old movies to 1080p HD, but not to 4K, at least not to full 4K.

4K is a bandwidth hog, an hour and a half will wipe out my daily allowance of 10GB. I went over, three days in a row, watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime, this month, but by avoiding 4K for a week I'm back to normal on my monthly 300GB allowance.

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