Fashion : I’m buying ted baker

I’m buying ted baker

Dresss it’s beautiful it’s only 90 pounds

I heard you like the bad girls honey, is that true? - Lana Del Rey

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Half your weight? Sounds risky

LOL. 🤡🌎

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pretty sure the benefits office give you that money to help you buy food and such, not 90 pound dresses that are wasted on you as you never leave the house.

Fucking grow up miley

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actually, you live in Newton Abbey right? Im going to email the DWP and tell them just how you are wasting the money they give you, hopefully they sanction your benefits. I will screenshot this post as proof. Plus i have a recording of you and your mother proving you are a member of filmboards so it wont be too hard to convince them its really you. This could be benefit fraud perhaps, who knows.