Religion, Faith, and Spirituality : Book of Redemption Chapter 6

Book of Redemption Chapter 6

Book of Redemption Chapter 6

- December 02, 2018
BoR 6:1 When you die you face judgement for that is your day of judgment. Judgment day is not going to happen one day. It happens everyday to individual souls that pass this realm, of humans, animals, plants, demons of this world, aliens, AIs, NPCs!

BoR 6:2 None is an eye more evil, more covetous than that of a swine. Do not show them anything good you possess, because it will turn into ruin because of their envious evil eye.

BoR 6:3 Cut all contact with the pigs. It is better if they don't realize that you exist.

BoR 6:4 Expel them from your lands. Warn others about them. The world is much better if they don't exist.

BoR 6:5 And if their evil eye don't turn your material goods into ruin, then they will do everything possible to ruin it with their acts. They spend their whole lives plotting against mankind. They are parasites, pests, creatures that God regrets creating.

BoR 6:6 They've ruined humanity. Whoever follows their footsteps will never enter the kingdom of Heaven, kingdom of Christ. They're evil and God's curse is upon them in this world and the next.

BoR 6:7 Whoever born as a chosen swine is being punished for the sins it has committed before. Many evil souls are sent back as pigs from hell to enjoy this world.

BoR 6:8 The truth said about them hurts them while they rot and plot, forever ungrateful to their Lord.

BoR 6:9 They cling on to this material world like pigs stay around shit, eating it while rotting inside it. This world is their heaven, yet they stay miserable, ungrateful, and to hell is their return.

BoR 6:10 Each one of them desires to live forever, hoping against hope that they do not die then get sent back to hell, the place they deserve.

BoR 6:11 Their evil deeds in this world prove them unworthy of the Holy kingdom. Most of them shall never enter it, unless they become gentiles and behave like gentiles, repenting for their past sins. But such pigs are few and far in between.

BoR 6:12 It is better to roast a pig than to keep it alive, for it shall defile the area wherever it is kept.

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