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NOLA punk

As I said in another thread, the New Orleans scene was never iconic or huge, but there are some gems.

Ellen Degeneres' brother is in this band…


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I'll check these songs out later. I remember you posted some NOLA punk songs on another thread and I liked them.

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I may have said this before, but the guy being named Mandeville Mike is something I think only people from this region might get. Mandeville is a town on my side of the lake where the mental institution used to be… May still have one there. If you're acting crazy (though this isn't as common now), someone would say someone's going to send you to Mandeville. The dude did seem crazy lol… ripping hair from his face with pliers.

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I like The Cold song a lot. I'm always in the mood for good power pop. I'm surprised that I never heard of Shell Shock before. I'll have to check out more of their songs on youtube. The Sluts are right up my alley too.