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Pegasus in a Movie

There is a movie I saw as a child in the 60s and know it is not a cartoon. The setting was in ancient times (Greece?) and I recall Pegasus flying above a man (maybe he was on the side of a mountain) and believe Pegasus was trying to kick the man with its legs. This is one of two scenes I recall, probably because I was fascinated with a horse that could fly. Wikipedia does not list a movie in the 60s, or prior, under "Pegasus" that fits my memory. I thought the film was called "The Black Rose," but there were no movies I Googled with that name which had Pegusus. The other scene I recall was the hero finally finding the rose he sought (maybe it had some magical/mystical power he needed to save someone). The movie was not Clash of the Titans because I was not a child when that movie came out. Does anyone else recall the movie I described under any name?

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I think you are referring to "The Thief of Bagdad". It is actually it is not officially Pegasus but a mechanical flying horse, and the rose is blue, not black. I have included a link to it.


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I think you are right. Blue rose instead of black; Arabia instead of Greece; a mechanical flying horse instead of Pegasus. So often with these "I need to know" requests the memories are slightly or sometimes way off, which makes it difficult or impossible for them to recall.

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Well, I used to read books that had it. Now, if the shows and movies are also available, then I would love to show it to my kids. I have to filter a lot for them. I watch and go through series before showing it to them. I want them to learn good things from cartoons as well. Therefore, I am showing them shows by Andy Yeatman now days.