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I caught someone online harassing me.

There was a video on Facebook.

There is a older lady who communicates with me and deals with people who bully me by identifying with them, in some way.

The guy in the video on Facebook is probably just slightly older. He was already interested in me in some way like that, too somehow.

In the video, I could, like, telepathically tell he was sending me a message. He shrugged his shoulders to comfort me. He came up near the camera and stood strong. He knew about the lady probably, who communicates with me, to be nice. What he said had 2 meanings, I figured out recently. He acted like it was the end of the world or something. He said, "No, I did it," meaning he was mean to me to identify with my enemies and ward them off. He meant it was a big no that the lady did this for me, like I'm crap and crap just deserves crap.

He proceeded to take me from my relationship in some ways, which ruined it in the end, and, when I stopped being interested in him and what he did in a way, he put up a picture that sent an erotic message for the lady. See, the lady was exploited and excessively, inappropriately stimulated all at once and lasting on to the present, because Ellen DeGeneres knew and didn't know how to deal with it because people could tell she knew and so tried to do it in a safe a way as possible. So, the man proceeded to affecting the lady and eventually ruining it for me. He also blamed someone I'm related to who I don't know extremely well, that she told or sponsored his doing so, so he would not be blamed, though he was still in many ways, too much and to no avail.

So, he thought it was unheard of that anyone would care about me, unless they stink. He is attracted to her sexually, too. He thinks she is of a generation that should be treated as privileged, as though it was respect for her older age than me. He just stopped everything and fixated on this, put his life's work into ruining my situation, like I was not free to leave him but free to leave her.

I know all these excuses, but I know they're just mistakes/stupidity and sins, in some ways probably personal flaws that could not be escaped for this but rather peaked an interest and knocked out all focus otherwise. It's nasty I'm in trouble.

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Get a fucking job for Christ sake.

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^^ PopActor. Who targets vulnerable women because he's a piece of shit.

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I tried to understand that, but I really didn't. Just the last sentence. - I hope whatever trouble you're in, is solvable.

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Oh yes, but it is a disagreement.

What was important is over.

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Re: Trouble

What kind of trouble are you in?

Just don't watch the video again if it upsets you so much.