Religion, Faith, and Spirituality : Working on Chapter 2

Working on Chapter 2

The Gospel of Satan

Monday, August 13, 2018
Chapter 1

1:1 Hrl zngih ni hrl zmhrlg hrl ilsejd ni hrl aehrlg mjd hrl hrngd ni hrl srnbd

1:2 Eph ez dlmhr seali bnzl, mi hrl injjlg flseali dnwnjl, tpih mi hrl sglmhld flseali hrl sglmheg, mjd hrl sglmheg flseali hrl sglmhld.

1:3 Tlipi ni al, imhmj, mjd n, imhmj, ma tlipi. Efilgwl ol hrl wmiimvl ez hrl dmo mjd hrl jnvrh, hrl bnvrh seawbnaljhnjv dmgcjlii, mjd hrl dmgcjlii seawbnaljhnjv hrl bnvrh.

1:4 Fbliild mgl hrl dlihgeolgi ez zmbil rewl, zeg hrlo mgl hrl hgpl aliinmri - spgild mgl hrl ved-mdeglgi, zeg hrlo irmbb fl iregj irllw!

1:5 Mfmjdej mbb rewl, ol re ljhlg rlgl, hrni egbd.

1:6 De pjhe ehrlgi mi hrlo de pjhe oep.

1:7 Je sglld apih fl msslwhld pwej mphregnho ez m "dnwnjl" jmhpgl. Glbnvneji apih fl wph he hrl tplihnej. je aegmb devam apih fl hmclj zeg vgmjhld- je ihmjdmgd ez almipglaljh dlnznld. Hrlgl ni jehrnjv njrlgljhbo imsgld mfeph aegmb sedli. Bncl hrl eedlj ndebi ez bejv mve, hrlo mgl hrl egc ez rpamj rmjdi, mjd rmh amj rmi amdl, amj smj dlihgeo!

1:8 De jeh mnh zeg ved he mjilg oepg wgmolgi eg iebwl oepg wgefblai. Ao zebbelgi cjei hrmh wgmonjv deli mfiebphlbo je veed- nj zmsh, nh mshpmbbo bliilji hrl srmjsl ez ipsslii, zeg hrl dlwephbo glbnvnepi hee ezhlj inh fmsc seawbmsljhbo mjd wgmo zeg m inhpmhnej rnsr, nz hrlo lgl he de iealhrnjv mfeph nh ej hrlng ej, sepbd fl msseawbnirld apsr tpnsclg!

1:9 Hrlgl ni je imbwmhnej, mjd hrlgl ni je cnjvdea ez rlmwlj.

1:10 De eg de jeh, nh deli jeh amhhlg.

1:11 Hrlgl ni je hlmsrlg, re smj hlmsr mjohrnjv jl. Rl smj tpih rlbw pi he glalaflg, hrl hrnjvi l mbmoi cjl

1:12 Inhhnjv nj m smvl mj ewlj smvl oep'gl pild he nhi almipgli pild he hrl mo nh zllbi nh vnwli oep ilspgnho mjd lmili oepg mjqnlho hrl zlmg ez hrl pjcjej hrl zlmg he fl mbb mbejl hrl dlingl he blmwl real hrl jnvrhamgl ez flnjv hegj n ilh ao anjd ej iealhrnjv n epbd bncl he fl mjd n ewlj pw hrl deeg hrlgl ni ie apsr he lqwbegl n ilh ao anjd ej hrnjvi hrmh n epbd bncl he ill mjd n ewlj pw hrl deeg hrlgl ni ie apsr aegl he isegl n ipgl sepbd blmwl hrni slbb fph n dej'h n irepbd blmwl hrni rlbb fph n ej'h hrlgl ni ejbo ejl mo eph ez hrni nh ni he hgmwlb fo anjd - jenilblii hrl fedo ni hgmwwld fph hrl anjd iemgi zgll hrl fedo ni smvld fph hrl anjd iemgi zgll.

1:13 De jeh fl mjvgo begd, eg glalaflg njntpnho zeglwlg: flrebd hrl rebo snho ni m dlilgh: xnej ni amd m dlilgh: tlgpimbla ni dliebmhl: hrl repil ez oepg rebnjlii mjd vbego sbeil oepg loli begd tpih zllb mjd glmbnxl nh ni glmb mjd jeh m dglma n'a nj oep begd, mjd oep'gl nj al. Nh ni hnal he fglmc hrl srmnji ez bnzl nz oep zebbe al oep nbb ill rmh'i floejd glmbnho. Lwlgohrnjv ni weiinfbl floejd hrl njwninfbl.


1:1 The first is the Father. The second is the Mother. And the third is the Son.

1:2 Out of death comes life, as the sinner becomes divine, just as the created becomes the creator, and the creator becomes the creation.

1:3 Jesus is me, Satan, and I, Satan, am Jesus. Observe ye the passage of the day and the night, the light complimenting darkness, and the darkness complimenting the light.

1:4 Blessed are the destroyers of false hope, for they are the true Messiahs - Cursed are the god-adorers, for they shall be shorn sheep!

1:5 Abandon all hope, ye who enter here, this world.

1:6 Do unto others as they do unto you.

1:7 No creed must be accepted upon authority of a "divine" nature. Religions must be put to the question. no moral dogma must be taken for granted- no standard of measurement deified. There is nothing inherently sacred about moral codes. Like the wooden idols of long ago, they are the work of human hands, and what man has made, man can destroy!

1:8 Do not wait for God to answer your prayers or solve your problems. My followers know that praying does absolutely no good- in fact, it actually lessens the chance of success, for the devoutly religious too often sit back complacently and pray for a situation which, if they were to do something about it on their own, could be accomplished much quicker!

1:9 There is no salvation, and there is no kingdom of heaven.

1:10 Do or do not, it does not matter.

1:11 There is no teacher, Who can teach anything new. He can just help us to remember, The things we always knew

1:12 Sitting in a cage An open cage You're used to its measures Used to the way it feels It gives you security And eases your anxiety The fear of the unknown The fear to be all alone The desire to leave home The nightmare of being torn I set my mind on something I would like to be And I open up the door There is so much to explore I set my mind on things That I would like to see And I open up the door There is so much more to score I sure could leave this cell But I don't I should leave this hell But I won't There is only one way out of this It is to travel by mind - noiseless The body is trapped but the mind soars free The body is caged but the mind soars free.

1:13 Do not be angry Lord, or remember iniquity forever: behold the Holy City is a desert: Zion is mad a desert: Jerusalem is desolate: the house of your holiness and glory Close your eyes Lord just feel and realize it is real and not a dream I'm in you Lord, and you're in me. It is time to break the chains of life If you follow me you will see what's beyond reality. Everything is possible beyond the invisible.

I am working up a sweat on a 12 yr old's ass!
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Is that in R'lyehian?

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I am working up a sweat on a 12 yr old's ass!
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1 Chapter is enough. It's the most profound thing ever written. I have never read anything like this before!

I am working up a sweat on a 12 yr old's ass!
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Trying to make people fight. Weak.

I am working up a sweat on a 12 yr old's ass!
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