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Stanley Kubrick's photography

There is an exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York of the photographs he took for Look magazine when he was seventeen years old. You can see some here or here or elsewhere on the internet. The first article has a quote from him:
"I think aesthetically recording spontaneous action, rather than carefully posing a picture, is the most valid and expressive use of photography."
But I wonder, given that he was such a notorious perfectionist who made actors reshoot a scene dozens of times until he thought it was right, if he didn't stage some of those photographs, or at least "massage" them. Some of those pictures, they make you think.

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they look good.

i've never seen eyes wide shut. i think i'll watch that soon.

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Better then 50 shades of gay.


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Very interesting. I wonder if great photographers make great directors, and vice versa.

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I thought so too until I saw the tightrope photo.

The girl in the Betty von Furstenberg photo looks like she's texting lol. I guess that's Kubrick in the mirror?

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I'd say his photographic work is a mixture of catching something and then making it look good. Having a good eye for composition helps but the lighting in many of those pictures is just too good.

His early thriller Killer's Kiss is much looser than his more famous work and his obsession with perfection just built up over the years. I'd love to have seen what would have happened if Warner Brothers gave him a limited budget and a tight schedule to work with.