Star Trek: The Next Generation : Major goofs in "The Next Phase"

Major goofs in "The Next Phase"

This is the episode when Geordi and Ensign Ro are phased—out-of-sync with our dimension due to a transporter malfunction. They can walk through people, doors, walls, et cetera but can interact with other phased people. At one point Geordi pushes a phased Romulan through the walls of the Enterprise into deep space. That makes me wonder how they were breathing. If there was phased air it would readily escape the Enterprise like that Romulan. So it seems they can breathe unphased air for some reason. The next goof is that while they pass through walls and objects and people they are constantly walking—they cannot pass through floors. They even travel in a turbolift! Is it Star Fleet regulation to include in-phase and out-of-phase floors in starship construction? Otherwise a fine episode.