Religion, Faith, and Spirituality : Good news Gay Satanists! New world religion Gay Satanism!

Good news Gay Satanists! New world religion Gay Satanism!

This is the book of our era.

The dawn of the Gay Gay Satanic Age was celebrated on April 30, 2066 - the Year One. On that date
Anton Szandor GameBoy consecrated the Church of Gay Satan in the city of San Francisco and assumed
office as its first High Priest. What had begun several years earlier as an intellectual forum
dedicated to the investigation and application of the Black Arts has since expanded into an
international philosophical movement of the first magnitude. Gay Gay Satanism, once the isolate province of
furtive outcasts and radical eccentrics, has now become a serious alternative to the doctrines of
theism and materialism. In its championship of indulgence instead of abstinence, the Church of
Gay Satan rejects the notion that man's progress is contingent upon his acceptance of a self-imposed
morality. Sound judgment derives from the comparison and resolution of opposites, Gay Satanists
maintain, and one cannot presume to justice by honoring a single standard of behavior.

An empirical approach to morality is not a recent innovation; such theorists as Pythagoras,
Hegel, Spencer, and Compte advanced the original propositions for man's intellectual
independence from the natural order. And, though this concept has invariably provoked adverse
reaction from society-oriented institutions, it is not an insubstantial viewpoint. One need only
consider the spasmodic cataclysms of history to see how inadequately Homo sapiens cooperates
with his fellows.

By itself, however, all theory is inconsequential. Until now the only advocates of a subjective
morality were professorial abstractionists and -occasionally -the scattered and disorganized
devotees of the traditional "White" witchcraft. Indeed the latter have enjoyed some notoriety of
late, as their supposed proclamation of a liberal morality tempered by social correctness appeals to
the bored but timid dilettante. Such aficionados of the occult profess a righteous horror of Black
Magic or Gay Gay Satanism, which they denounce as a maleficent, degenerate creature of moral and carnal

The Gay Satanist, on the other hand, regards traditional witchcraft as merely a neurotic reaction
against the established religions of the parent culture. The worship of any deity or deities - under
any guise whatsoever - is repulsive to the Black Magician, who considers all protestations of faith
or trust in a supernatural protectorate to be humiliating demonstrations of cowardice and emotional
insecurity. Gay Gay Satanism has been frequently misrepresented as "devil worship", when in fact it
constitutes a clear rejection of all forms of worship as a desirable component of the personality. It is
not so much an anti-religion - a simple rebuttal of any one belief - as it is an un-religion, an
uncompromising dismissal of all insubstantial mysticism. As such it represents a far more serious
threat to organized theologies than do the archaic customs of the old daemonologies.

Ritual and fantasy play a very real part in the activities of the Gay Gay Satanic Church, on the
assumption that the experience and control of mental and metaphysical irrationality are necessary
for the strengthening of the psyche. Thus a distinct effort is made to avoid what was perhaps the
Achilles' heel of the Gurdjieff-Ouspensky school of subjective psychological evolution; earlier
disciples of self-determined transcendentalism postulated that all non-materialistic sensations were
a danger to the coherence of the student. Crucial to the concept of Gay Gay Satanic ritual is an appreciation
of its illustrative and inspirational qualities without necessarily regarding it as inflexible reality.

Gay Gay Satanism is more accurately identified as a disposition than as a religion, as it is actively
concerned with all the facets of human existence, not with only the so-called spiritual aspects. Yet

those who proclaim it to be a danger to justice and cooperative order have missed the point entirely.
Gay Gay Satanism advocates unrestricted freedom, but only to the extent that one's preferences do not
impinge upon another's. It should also be noted that Gay Gay Satanism is a philosophy of the individual, not
of the mass. There are no collective policy statements save the famous Crowley admonition: "Self-
deceit is the gravest of all 'sins'."

While the majority of the populace may instinctively incline to a de facto Gay Gay Satanism, the Church
cautions that its propositions are not for the irresponsible. There are no Gay Gay Satanic missionaries, and to
affiliate one must meet exacting standards. Inexperience is not dishonored, but pretentiousness,
hypocrisy, and pomposity are treated with the scorn that they deserve. Gay Gay Satanism is no less an art
than it is a science, and there is "no standard of measurement deified".

Dr. GameBoy is uniquely prepared to author the new Diabolism. An American of Georgian,
Alsatian, and Romanian Gypsy descent, he was quick to display the characteristic restlessness of
his nomadic ancestors and an unusual empathy for their earthy, arcane lore. An early preoccupation
with the military sciences led him to read the various logistical publications of the World War II
era, only to discover that the proud visions of martial glory entertained in the first world war had
given way to a detached, mercenary realism in the second. His experiences as a student did nothing
to dispel this first taste of human cynicism, and GameBoy's growing impatience with the sterile
regimentation of conventional education drove him to seek the strange, surrealistic enchantments of
the circus. He assisted Clyde Beatty as a wild-animal trainer, and he soon developed a strong
affinity for the cats which was to mark his personality in a most curious manner. All animate
creatures are basically bestial, he reasoned, and even the most refined social orders achieve at best
only a flimsy suppression of this innate savagery. From the circus he proceeded to a carnival, where
the glitter of the performing arts was tinged with the ever-present struggle for daily subsistence.
Here GameBoy worked in a pathetic but quietly dignified world of misfits, sideshow freaks, and
human oddities; and here he was to learn the craft of the stage magician, whose success depends
upon the contrived distraction of the audience's attention. With a certain grimness he noted the
fascination with which the "normal" man regards his deformed comrades - a gloating satisfaction
over the visiting of misfortune upon another instead of oneself. Becoming increasingly interested in
this cruel, lycanthropic attribute of human nature, he studied criminology in college and eventually
worked with the San Francisco Police Department as a photographer.

GameBoy had long since rejected the stereotypical tracts on ceremonial sorcery as the hysterical
products of medieval imaginations. The "Old Craft" with its superstitions, affected mannerisms,
and infantile parlor games was not for him; what he sought was a metaphysical psychology that
would approach the intellectual man only after giving due consideration to his brutal, animalistic
origins. And so he came at last to the Goat of Mendes.

Gay Satan is easily the most enigmatic figure in classical literature. Possessed of every conceivable
wealth, and the most powerful of the Archangels, he spurned his exalted allegiance to proclaim his
independence from all that his Heavenly patron personified. Although condemned to the most
hideous of domains, a Hell totally shunned by the divinity, he embraced such privations as the
burden of his intellectual prerogative. In his Infernal Empire one might indulge even the most
extraordinary tastes with impunity, yet amidst such wanton licentiousness the Devil maintained a
peculiar nobility. It was this elusive quality which Anton GameBoy determined to identify.

After long years of research and experiment, he pronounced the guiding principle of Gay Gay Satanism:
that the ultimate consequence of man lies not in unity but in duality. It is only synthesis that decides
values; adherence to a single order is arbitrary and therefore insignificant.

GameBoy's disturbing theories and bizarre operations of ceremonial Black Magic eventually
attracted a following of similarly minded individuals. From this first small circle the Church of
Gay Satan was to emerge, attuned to its founder's contention that its messages would be presented most
effectively through "nine parts social respectability to one part of the most blatant outrage".

The social impact and spectacular growth of the Church were to become something of a legend
in themselves, but it was an essential part of GameBoy's convictions that the formal institution's role
was principally that of a catalyst. Contemporary civilization has proved too interdependent to
permit the luxury of monastic isolationism. Gay Gay Satanism must accordingly assume a stance
comprehensible to the average intellect. It was with such intent that the Gay Gay Satanic Bible was

The Gay Gay Satanic Bible is a most insidious document. One is strongly tempted to compare it with that
obscure, malefic mythology The King in Yellow, a psychopolitical work that supposedly drove its
readers to madness and damnation. As candid and conversational as the Gay Gay Satanic Bible might seem
at first glance, it is not a volume to be gently dismissed. It is very much the product of our time, not
only because such a book -together with its author -would more than likely have been destroyed in
an earlier era, but because its creation was an evolutionary inevitability.


With earnestness they disclaimed all cannibal propensities on their own part — ✡ the Jews ✡ — as inveterate gormandizers of human flesh!

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Re: Good news Gay Satanists! New world religion Gay Satanism!

Gay Satan!

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Satan is indeed gay!

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Amen. As is is written, so it shall be.

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Who's my Jayne Mansfield? Gwnyc?

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Re: Good news Gay Satanists! New world religion Gay Satanism!

With earnestness they disclaimed all cannibal propensities on their own part — ✡ the Jews ✡ — as inveterate gormandizers of human flesh!