Classic Film : The Old Maid/Old Acquaintance

The Old Maid/Old Acquaintance

Bette Davis and Miriam Hopkins starred in 2 films: The Old Maid in 1939 and Old Acquaintance in 1943. What would you say are the similarities and differences if any between Charlotte (Davis) and Delia (Hopkins) in The Old Maid and Kit (Davis) and Millie (Hopkins) in Old Acquaintance? Also, what it would be like if the characters interacted: Charlotte, Delia, Kit, Millie?

Re: The Old Maid/Old Acquaintance

Great questions, Courtsguy. I wish I could help answer them, but I haven't seen either film in so long, I can't remember enough to be any help. Sorry. Thanks for the post though. Maybe someone with a better memory than mine will chime in with the perfect response.

Btw, for those who don't know, Old Acquaintance was remade into Rich and Famous (1981), George Cuckor's final directorial effort, starring Candice Bergan and Jaqueline Bisset. What a career that man had - 51 years and so many terrific films (not this one, but others)!