Full Movies : Chappaquiddick -- Historically Inaccurate

Chappaquiddick -- Historically Inaccurate

In the movie the incident occurred July 18, 1969 (which is when it actually did) during the first moon landing. The moon landing according to Wikipedia was July 20, 1989. They launched on the 16th.

In the movie, that Friday night July 18, they show a full moon in the sky. I looked it up, and the moon phase that night was "waxing crescent". In fact, July 16 - 20 was a waxing crescent and not a full moon.

Normally this would not matter, but also (according to Quroa):

All the Apollo landings were done during a waxing crescent phase, first quarter. They needed to land when the light was at the right angle. Apollo 11 had to land during a narrow time window of sixteen hours every 29.5 days, so that they could see the lunar features during the descent flight path to the Moon. They could only land when the sun was at an elevation of between 5° to 14°. Too high and the sun would be directly behind them so that they couldn't make out any shadows at all, the landscape would be "washed out". Too low and most of the landscape would be shadowed.