Classic Film : House Of Women (1962)

House Of Women (1962)

This was a women's prison movie that TCM showed a few nights ago. It was trying to be another "Caged" but is not in league with that great film.

Shirley Knight is very good in the lead, she was having a great year, appearing in "Sweet Bird Of Youth" which got her an Oscar nom. Andrew Duggan is the cold and creepy warden. When I saw Constance Ford was in the cast, I figured she might play a tough prison guard, like her nasty characters in films like "A Summer Place" and "The Caretakers", but she plays a troubled inmate instead.

All in all, an interesting curiosity, I rate it 5/10.

Did anyone see it? What did you think?

Re: House Of Women (1962)

Never seen this one though remember Andrew Duggan, good character actor. Should be worth seeing just for him.

A Smile is priceless and Can Be Addicting