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Hell’s Loose Cards in Hell

Our first war theater reflected the beauty and oddity of the Norman village during the first weeks of Operation Overlord, 1944.
Forests, fences and canals are the triumphant open areas of open terrain. While small villages and cities offer ideal settlement points to control the crossroads and elevations.
It takes about fifteen minutes to walk, and our unique shooting system will require a new strategy and provide a completely different route each time. Instead of pulling a linear rope, you will be forced to fight on a wide battlefield with a constantly growing line.
You will sail at Brekurt Manor from the west to quickly secure the northern approach or try to stifle the enemy in open farmland between the eastern fork and the surrounding gardens of Saint-Marie- du-Mont?
Or will you become vulnerable in the house to fight when you fight with teeth and nails to get a mansion in Heuhamama?
And finally, evaluate the scale of the map Saint-Marie du Mont from the game:
The choice is yours, and this is the first epic of Hell Let Loose. The withdrawal will take place in 2018.