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Hell let loose download

Hell Let Loose is a promising new turn-based tactical first person shooter with massive 100 player battles in incredibly detailed Battlefields. Especially we recreated it on a 1: 1 scale of archival reference material.
Until now, we developed Hell Let Loose on Unreal Engine 4. We want Hell Let Loose conduct a great concentration on teamwork and communications, with trains of officers and a Force Commander. Coordination is crucial, with players patterning behind the front lines then timing the big push carefully to allow the best tactical advantage. Smash through the front line and you will be able to earn more resources, make supply lines and build garrison that will act as respawn points.
Hell Let Loose values ​​realism, with historically accurate weapons, armor and tactics, as well as the very detailed 4 km wide battlefield recreation. Terrain can be used to your advantage, with engineers placing terrains and barbed wire to create choke points, dense forests cover for huge anti-tank guns and the wreckage of semi-ruined cities that have many hiding places for infantry.
It’s an ambitious game that looks like it will take a grounded, realistic and highly tactical counterpart to cod impending forthcoming bombastic on the same era. Sign up now to let one of the first, the some hell loose!

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