Collectibles and Memorabilia : Has anyone been to the Antiques Roadshow?

Has anyone been to the Antiques Roadshow?

I'm asking for people's experiences going to the Antiques Roadshow. Was it a blast, less fun than you thought, exhausting, boring, energizing, exciting, etc.? I'll live vicariously through you because.......

It is a bucket list item for me to go to the Antiques Roadshow. My mom, sister, and I have all tried for several years to get tickets. Finally, this year my mom was selected to receive two tickets! I was elated, but the whole ordeal has turned into one big aggravation.

My mom's tickets never arrived in the mail. She called per WGBH's instructions, and they said she'd have to present photo ID to prove her identity and receive her two tickets at the door. One problem, my mom has been quite ill recently and my sister and I were to be going to the Roadshow.

Then, the tragic event occurred in Orlando last weekend which is where the Roadshow is to be held this weekend.

I really am beginning to believe I am being providentially prevented from going to the Antiques Roadshow!

I appreciate anyone's responses to let me know if I should keep trying to go in the future or let it go because it's a bunch of hype.

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