Welcome Board : Hey there!

Hey there!

Hi, I am cinewiz and I am a movieholic! I am pleased to see a board with the looks of IMDB.

I've loved cinema for as long as I can remember although I haven't recently seen many moves due to lack of time. I will never shy away from discussing movies, however, and think this board looks fine for cinema related discussions. I like a little bit of everything, but I am drawn more toward horror and Noir. I especially like movies where you get a surprise at the end so that you have to reconsider the whole plot (Sort of like The Usual Suspects (1995).

Hope to meet a lot of you soon!


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Re: Hey there!

And Shutter Island! Welcome to filmboards. Hope you meet good people and have fun.

Re: Hey there!

welcome, cinewiz. if you had an account on imdb and you posted before, you can recover your posting history using the account linking feature here.

if you install the filmboards add-on, available for chrome and firefox, the boards will be placed back into the imdb pages, right where they used to be. it's like they never left®!

you should install it! just click those links above. it only takes seconds to do!

thank you for coming!