Star Wars : Why Stormtroopers are Clones

Why Stormtroopers are Clones

99.9% of the people think Stormtoopers are clones. This is a fact

When we first saw the original films, we were intrigued by the stormtroopers. Were they robots? Under mind control? Just varying humans, (and humans only), in suits? But when the prequels came out, Lucas decided, in all his wisdom, to strongly indicate that stormtroopers were, in fact, clones. This made perfect sense, because in the original films they all looked the same, had roughly the same height, were all uniformly retarded and behaved in a automatronic fashion. Lucas had his audience convinced that the genesis of the stormtrooper was in a cloning factory.


So now we cut to the teaser, and we see the negro stormtrooper. Which means they have moved on from Maori clones to negro clones. An understandable progression, given the general negro athleticism, strength, intellectual pliancy and herd mentality. An army of NFL running backs with guns. AWESOME!


Apparenntly in some shtty cartoon released God knows when, which about 6 people watched, it was mentioned that inexplicably, the Emperor dispensed with clones and went back to drafting retarded members of the populace to become slacker Stormtroopers….this despite the clones beating the motherfcking JEDI!!

Well, I'm sorry. That is not canon, as far as 99.9% of people are concerned. It also makes ZERO sense.

A cartoon watched by a few geeks does not canon make. The people think stormtroopers are clones, because that is what Lucas told us, whether he meant to or not.

The negro is a stormtrooper. Therefore he is a clone. He has the force 'awaken' within him, making him an individiual and intellectually and morally free.

JJ Abrams 'gets' this. So should you.


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Memories of simpler times….

I am a dick. I've always been a dick.

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Lucas wanted female stormtroopers. That would have been so HOT!

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