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What games are you playing and why?


I am playing it because I watched a bit of showing someone playing it and they were just plainly horrible at it. I decided to dust it off and play a different class from what I did last time I played. I am currently playing the Soldier. I am mostly prioritizing shotguns and a scoped Combat Rifle as my weapon for distant slaughter.

My character just finished all the quests in and around Fyrestone. (I think that is the spelling.)

I never saw or even heard of until I saw that the Ouya console in development will support it. I still wonder if they mean it will be possible to watch it, or if they intend to go all the way and allow players to stream their gameplay from the Ouya to If so, it will be awesome.

That is my current game obsession and what brought me to play it again. I anticipate I will give up in a few more days after the new wears off. It always works like this for me. But it may last a bit longer since I have never played the Soldier before and find him pretty decent. I loved playing Lilith and using massive elemental damages to destroy things. But it seems that elemental damages are weaker in general than I thought. My damage is better in most cases except the Sniper's awesome ranged attack potency.


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