The Lost City of Z : Fawcett's shell game on destination?

Fawcett's shell game on destination?

I suspect there may be a bit o' shell game in Fawcett's remarks about where he was headed. He already went from Bahia *west into the Matto Grasso; then he starts at Cuiba (barely a spot in the road then) and goes north, turns into Kalapalo country way toward the south east!?
Both Jack and Raleigh commented they would be going toward *Para, which is due north, where reports of "stone tower" and loud waterfall supposedly are located.

Then there seems to be two Sao Francisco rivers; one in Bahia (Muribecca mines?) which Fawcett already crossed, and the smaller one near "Dead Horse Camp", far west of the other one. So why does he seem to appear to the southeast before vanishing? Did he really know where the hell he was headed for?

Then later we get reports of him living with indians far to the west of all the sightings. Anybody make sense of his final plan? What sense is going from Cuiba (south Matto Grasso) to wind up (allegedly) in Bahia; North seems the more likely path.

Re: Fawcett's shell game on destination?

I read the book a while ago and I don't remember exactly, but Fawcett was very secretive about his route and his plans because he feared that other explorers would find Z before him.

I do remember in the book that there were 2 Dead Horse Camps, one was fake which was used to deceive those that got wind of his plans and the other was undisclosed. He did seem to change his idea of where Z was throughout his life and he was notably a little crazy by the end of it which all is a factor in this. So maybe at the end he was just wandering aimlessly hoping to find the city which had escaped him for his whole life.

I may not be answering your question at all but hopefully this helps. Also, as I said its been a while since I read the book so I don't remember alot of it.


Olá, colegas.

I'm a brazilian fan of the novel and couldn't pass here without correcting some points.

The correct name of the locations are 'Mato Grosso', 'Cuiabá',its capital; 'Pará' is the amazonian state where the team were heading on the last expedition.

About the 'São Francisco' river: There are INDEED two of them. The most famous is the big one from Bahia. However there is a much shorter one into the Amazon Jungle.

I hope I was clear.


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Re: Errors

I think James Gray will make it as authentic as possible, but from what I've heard, they will be shooting in Colombia, not Brazil.