Movie Awards : What are some movies with good scenery?

What are some movies with good scenery?


Hi. Im looking for films with nice visual palettes and landscapes like The Conformist, Barry Lyndon, The Tree of Life, The Searchers, especially Wes Anderson movies (Moonrise Kingdom), Atonement, Amarcord, The Fall… films like those. Any suggestions?
There are several movies that come to mind that had some gorgeous location photography even if the movie itself wasn't that great:

Ryan's Daughter - Absolutely stunning film to look at; gorgeous English locations

The Hangover Part 2 - Beautiful on location scenery in Thailand

The Shining - Even though most of the scenery is blanketed in snow, it's still beautiful to look at

The Proposal - Terrible movie, but the Alaskan scenery was gorgeous

Couples Retreat - Filmed on location in Bora Bora

The Holiday - Lovely shots of English countryside

The Sound of Music - Austria never looked so beautiful


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