Classic Film : A Hard Days Night! - The Beatles

A Hard Days Night! - The Beatles

Watched this on dvd the other day. So good we've still got their first film to remind us how bloody funny, unique, and amazing they were!

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Oh, yes indeed, NZer! What a treasure that is from days gone by. Those boys (they were then) were so disarmingly charming, and so gifted, funny, and fun. I loved both A Hard Day's Night and Help!, though I think the former is the best of the two.

And a lot of credit goes to the artful direction of Richard Lester, who was perfectly in alignment with the revolutionary aspects of the Beatles. They were in the forefront of a cultural revolution, after all, and these films perfectly delineate that change at that time (of course, they were also part of the cultural revolution that came a bit later when their music changed and became more provocative. Then you have to look at Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band and Yellow Submarine).

Anyway, thanks for posting this. It brings back a lot of wonderful memories.

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I love old films too. I'll try to contribute to this board more often.
Live long and prosper Spiderwort!

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Thanks NZer. That would be wonderful. It gets pretty lonesome over here, and you obviously have knowledge of old films and thoughts about them that would be nice to hear.