Books : Post-post-apocalyptic?


I've definitely read some post-post-apocalyptic novels. Canticle for Leibowitz comes to mind, but I know I've seen others.

An example of a post-post apocalyptic story is the 'The Broken Empire' (first book Prince of Thorns) they have returned to a medieval Fantasy sort of technology, but there are working remnants of our technology (builders suns are nukes for instance)

Ok, so the setting I'm working on right now has had its apocalypse. WWIV happened. Billions of people died. The biological weapons used during said war are still walking around killing people. The climate is still fubar. The air is still toxic and radioactive. Dystopian governments rose. Cultures, art, and history from before the war has been lost forever.

But it's been a couple hundred years. Things have calmed down. People live in domes now to protect them from the air outside. Dystopian governments have given way to representative democracies and constitutional monarchies. Those biological weapons that are still walking around outside are being tracked and guided away from major cities. There's been a couple baby booms. The average person thinks about the apocalypse in much the same way modern man thinks about WWII.

So the question I'm asking is; does this count as post-apocalyptic or is it just plain old science fiction or is it another term I'm unfamiliar with?

And are there any examples of fiction like this?

On the one hand, the way you describe it makes it sound like post-apoc… but on the other, this setting does have parallels to that of Big O, which I don't consider to be in the post-apocalypse genre (though it's set a scant forty years after an apocalypse).

In the end, it comes down to how much you focus on the post-apocalyptic elements versus the reconstruction elements.