No Good Deed : Malignant Narcissist? Not quite...

Malignant Narcissist? Not quite...

I give the film credit for bringing the term "Malignant Narcissist" up. But this man is NOT what a malignant narc is. They are also called "Covert Narcissist"...or even "Closet Narcissist"

Malignant Narcs are the most dangerous form of socio/psychopath/borderline they are the great guys next door.

They can be that business owner in your town that seems like such great guy. But he slowly terrorizes his employees. They are always the victim and draw in "rescuers" to defend them.

It is so hard to spot these animals. One way small note that can give them away is if they suddenly have 5, 10 or 20 years "friends" disappear from their lives. Or if they have pieces of their family that they don't speak to any longer. This from when they get caught...they often has to ostracize life-long friends/family as they typically have a victim story - "I can't believe that my sister was stealing from me....Or, I can't believe that employee was stealing as I thought of him as a kid and after 20 years, I learned he had been stealing, etc." (Trust me those people are suffering various forms of CPTSD somewhere and wondering how the hell a guy they loved so much has turned on them and showed no love for them at all)

Trust me..they will ruin your life in a moment. They actually have already set up everyone around you (called "triangulating") to be complicit in your removal from their lives and the smear campaign of you will begin.

Please be careful if you are in a relationship with one of these sick monsters. Please find a way out and plan for it. Don't leave them in a flash as they will destroy you. Plan, plan, plan...

Again, it's cool they brought up "Malignant Narc" but it is not like this and I hope it gets a proper treatment. Check out Ross Rosenberg on Youtube and educate yourself (There are several others who have this nailed on Youtube)