No Good Deed : Why wasn't Idris after Taraji's husband instead?

Why wasn't Idris after Taraji's husband instead?

Why was he after Taraji instead of after her husband since he was the one cheating on his girlfriend? He and Taraji should've been side be side as a team, not him targeting her because of what her husband who she didn't know was cheating on her was cheating on her with his gf behind her back.

Re: Why wasn't Idris after Taraji's husband instead?

He was there for the husband but husband went away on his trip. He then took the wife to show her everything and possibly most likely would've killed her for revenge against the husband idn

Re: Why wasn't Idris after Taraji's husband instead?

Well he came for the husband but he wasnt there. He was waiting for him to come home because Taraji said he was on the way back. If she had just told him that he was out of town in the beginning he probably wouldve left. She shouldnt have answered the door to begin with.

Re: Why wasn't Idris after Taraji's husband instead?

It had to do with his nature. He was classified as a "malignant narcissist". A brief description about people like him was given at his hearing. It was stated that they're "Compelled to prove their superiority. Everything is a seduction."

With the description, I surmised that he felt the need to do just that. I think his goal was to seduce Terri, thereby using seductive methods to sleep with the wide of the man who slept with his girl. Once he "proved his superiority", he intended to kill her and her children in front of the husband (hence why he kidnapped them rather than just killed them), and then kill the husband.

The way Colin acted around Terri supports this, as he was being very seductive with her. There was certainly a lot of sexual tension between them in the bedroom scene. It even looked like Terri almost gave in to the temptation (ex. making herself look more attractive, taking off some clothes, telling him her husband wasn't coming back during the bedroom scene), but then her friend showed up. After Colin killed her, he decided to skip over the seduction part of his plan and get straight to the killing part.

Another supporting part of this seduction plan theory is when he did NOT rape Terri when he had the opportunity and she thought he was going to. He hadn't wanted to rape her (it wouldn't prove his superiority as the alpha male if he had to resort to force), he wanted to seduce her and have her willingly chose him over her husband, the same way his girlfriend chose Terri's husband over him, but he blew that chance after killing Terri's friend.