No Good Deed : Idris was great

Idris was great

Great bad guy performance from him. Anyone agree?

Re: Idris was great

I think Idris can play anything.
I loved him in Sometimes in April.

I did not care for how his character was written...
always threatening the woman with a gun.. he did not need it with her.
and always getting knocked out...and her running instead of finishing the job.

Re: Idris was great

I agree. He was awesome in this movie. Great bad guy.

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Re: Idris was great

The guy is quite cool and convincing with just about any role. I don't think he should take anymore bad guy roles ...he's better than that. Would like to see him in a musical or comedy tho'

Re: Idris was great

I agree Idris was awesome playing a villain

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Re: Idris was great

He does make a good villain.
I loved him in Beasts of No Nation.