No Good Deed : end game?

end game?

What was Colin end game? Did he want to kill her to get back at Jeffrey?

Re: end game?

No. Colin found out that his fiance was cheating on him with Jeffrey, Terry's husband. He wanted to kill Jeffrey and he killed her because he was crushed. Overall, everyone is at fault. Terry is at home waiting on her husband. He's supposed to be doing his husband and fatherly duties and he's not even doing them. Terry has to make him do what he's suppose to do. And that ain't right. He's out fooling around with Colin's former fiance, Alexis. Jeffrey is wrong to do his family like that. Second, Alexis and Jeffrey had NO business being together in the first place. Third, I know that Colin was heartbroken up to the point where he wanted to kill Alexis and then Jeffrey, but killing someone solves nothing. It makes matters worse. As far as Terry, I admire how she was able to get out of that deadly situation she was in and for the record, when she punched Jeffrey in front of everyone, he deserved that. I'm dead serious. I hope she made him bleed too. Good thing she divorced him, got her own place, and took her babies with her because she's the one taking care of them, not Jeffrey. Furthermore, Jeffrey lost a lot more than just his girlfriend after Colin was killed. Remember that.