No Good Deed : Implausible Storyline

Implausible Storyline

There are so many things I find made this movie horrible and implausible, but the two major things are as follows:

1) A woman home alone with her two children in a somewhat secluded area should NEVER allow a stranger into her home. Hell, people have been killed on a many occasion by letting people they actually DO know into their home. So that's bad enough, but a stranger? Aaaaaaabsolutely not. She would NOT have done that. Idc how vulnerable and unattractive she was feeling and how hot Idris Elba is (and he is HOT).

2) HOW many times did Elba get hit over the head? A 3 inch pillar. A fire extinguisher. An iron fireplace log holder. I lost count. Leslie Bibb gets clocked one time with a shovel and it's over with.... Judging by this, he should've been unconscious the first time. No, scratch that. He should've at least been dead by the 3rd strike. The brain is a delicate thing. It can only take so much. Sheesh

Re: Implausible Storyline

1. Is it stupid, yes. Is it impossible, no. Open up a newspaper. Mothers make dumb choices everyday.

2. I did find that to be an issue as well. He shouldve been knocked out for longer than he was...not sure about dead though.

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And rewatching the film you will notice she didnt hit him on the head with the extinguisher. it was the shoulder.